St52 BK+S (E355 SR)
After cold drawing the tubes are subjected to stress relief heat treatment.
We offer 2 types of production;
* Ready for honing tubes: ID tolerance -0, 2 mm -0,3 mm * Ready for burnishing tubes: ID tolerance -0,6 mm – 0,9 mm

Please see H8 Tube sizes.
The tubes are cold drawn, heat treated and straightened (1/1000)

Diameter Range:

50 mm to 400 mm
Standard length is 6m-9m;

We offer tubes upto 14 meters by request.

Standart Lenght:

Hydraulic cylinder tubes ID burnished, H8 seamless stell tubes are for hydraulic cylinders.

Standart Lenght:

6m -9 m (tubes upto 14m are available by request )

50 mm to 400 mm Surface Raughness:
0,4 micron – 0,8 micron Inner surfaces of the tubes are oiled for to prevent oxidation six months.

40x50 mm 50x60 mm 50x65 mm
60x70 mm 60x75 mm 60x80 mm
70x80 mm 70x85 mm 70x90 mm
75x90 mm 80x90 mm 80x95 mm
80x100mm 90x105mm 90x110mm
100x115mm 100x120mm 100x125mm
110x125mm 110x130mm 115x130mm
120x135mm 120x140mm 120x145mm
125x140mm 125x150mm 130x150mm
130x160mm 140x160mm 140x170mm
140x165mm 150x170mm 150x180mm
160x180mm 160x185mm 160x190mm
170x200mm 180x200mm 180x210mm
190x215mm 200x220mm 200x230mm
200x245mm 220x245mm 220x270mm
250x280mm 250x300mm 280x325mm
300x350mm 320x377mm 350x400mm


Main Materials:

St 37.4 seamless stell tubes.
This cirquit pipe has normalized condition after cold drawing. To band is very easy and during the bending they have not cracks bcs of normalized.

6x1 mm 8x1 mm 10x1 mm
10x1.5 mm 12 x 1,5 mm 12 x 2 mm
14 x 1,5mm 14 x 2mm 15 x 15mm
15 x 2mm 16 x 2 mm 18 x 1,5 mm
18 x 2 mm 20 x 2 mm 22 x 2 mm
25 x 2 mm 25 x 2,5 mm 28 x 2 mm
30 x 3 mm 35 x 3 mm 42 x 3 mm